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Emerging new technologies, constantly changing regulations and ever-evolving business needs shift the ground beneath your feet. We can help you re-write the story, one where you can identify and manage risks and issues in advance, use technology to your advantage and free up your resources to focus on the future, making the most of every opportunity, compliantly and responsibly.

How can we help?

Deloitte Regulatory and Legal is here to help organizations of any regulated industry move beyond simply meeting the minimum compliance standards towards a more strategic and agile approach, setting them up for a responsible, sustainable future.

Holistic in our methods, we go beyond regulatory compliance and remediation services to help you manage risk and vulnerabilities and raise the bar for compliance operations.

Our highly specialized skills and in-depth experience help your organization address challenges and manage the complexity of enterprise compliance for regulated industries. We build resilient compliance programs that help you react to shifting business needs and emerging regulations with complete confidence - secure, resilient, responsible and ready for whatever the future brings.

Our Services – All Regulated Industries

Regulatory Strategy and Compliance

  • Designing, implementing and operating large-scale compliance programs and managing regulatory obligations.
  • Enabling a proactive, forward-looking assessment of regulatory trends and impact on business models and aligning those business models to a changing regulatory environment
  • Improving oversight of regulatory and compliance risk
  • Compliance monitoring, testing, analytics and reporting

Regulatory Response– supporting client’s responses to specific breakdowns in their regulatory compliance programs which are often driven by actual, or the prospect of, regulatory censure.

Our Services – Financial Services Industry

Due to the specialized risk & regulatory requirements in the Financial Services Industry, we have dedicated professionals assisting Financial Services organizations across the three lines of defense. We support compliance with financial industry regulations and provide services that address the risks associated with the full lifecycle of financial transactions including advance models development and validation (IFRS9 and IRB Basel framework), ESG risk, risk advisory in due diligence engagements, various topic-related trainings (e.g. Fit & Propertrainings), AML, scenarios and stress testing, credit, market, operational and liquidity risks.

List of the areas where we can help you and your business grow is selected below.

Following the adoption of the Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, governments are making strides to transition to low-carbon and more circular economies on a global scale. Institutions should take a strategic, forward-looking and comprehensive approach to considering climate-related and environmental risks known as ESG Risk.
Our extensive experience can help you to implement ECB Guide in many ways.

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We help clients to anticipate and adapt to changes in the regulatory environment and build better programs and controls to address the wide variety of regulations and regulatory risks.
We work with clients and regulators on effective remediation in response to regulatory requirements.

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Credit Risk Ratings enable unique language for addressing credit risk exposure within an organization and, increasingly, with parties outside the organization. As such, they are core of the wide range of credit processes from loans origination to monitoring and workout and are built in the regulatory risk models. Deloitte can help you whether you need development in IFRS9, Basel or managerial framework.

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We are here to provide for you detail and thorough validation for every credit scoring model or similar tasks. We have specialized team of experts with banking experience knowledgeable in validation subjects that can deliver validation tasks in the best way for you and your business.

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We have a lot of experience in delivering EWS systems to clients all over the region and the world. Because of this, we are introduced to the best practice in the field, and we have the knowledge and skill to implement these practices in any framework.

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We help clients to shape their decisions by evaluating the possible impacts of macroeconomic developments and to incorporate Forward Looking (“FL”) approach into the modeling of the risk parameters.

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Deloitte followed all relevant regulations and longtime experience and as result developed well-recognized high-quality training sessions that can help your top management executives from the executive and supervisory board take on Fit and Proper assessments in the best way there is.

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Deloitte can help you asses long term stable deposit volume available for a bank to use. In addition, Deloitte can help you set up best deposit rate for your business strategy needs. Stable deposit volume is important in order to increase capital potency of the bank. Also, in order to optimize this capital potency bank can estimate which level of the deposit rate it wants to set. Our mission is to provide to you best quality service and Non-Maturity Deposits modeling is the field where we can help your business grow.

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We develop, implement and optimize Risk management tools that support adaptation and execution of the risk management policies and methodologies known as: Loan Monitoring, Workout and Collection applications.

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Deloitte has the team of experts specialized especially in fraud and Anti-Money related topics and experience in various Anti-Money Laundering projects that can help you set up, overcome, learn and implement the best Anti-Money practices and tools.

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Due diligence being the complex task as it is requiring large amount of time and skill. Deloitte can help you and your business to perform risk related parts of Due diligence (policy and procedures review, exposure staging, provisioning, AML) in the most thorough manner and be ensured whether are you undertaking the right decision which is the subject of Due diligence research.

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Our Accounting and Financial Risk services help organizations in developing accurate, efficiently prepared financials, underpinned by transparent risk management methodologies, enabling decisions to be based on robust qualitative and quantitative information.

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