Interbank ecosystems in Europe

Accelerated transformation through collaboration

Banks have a decades-long tradition of collaborating, often involving players from other industries and/or public authorities. In Europe alone, we identified more than 200 active interbank ecosystems across 30 countries during a comprehensive Deloitte research effort.

Deloitte has been privileged to lead the design, implementation and operation of numerous interbank ecosystems across Europe. This has provided us with distinctive insights and lessons in this domain.

In this paper we aim to combine this experience with a thorough, longitudinal analysis of the 205 active interbank ecosystems we identified in Europe. It draws on public sources and many interviews with executives in the field. 

We defined interbank ecosystems as any active collaboration founded in Europe after 1960 involving at least three banks, and possibly players from other industries, e.g. telecom. This analysis provided exceptional results, to our knowledge never before covered in existing literature. 

In addition, we zoomed in on and analysed over 65 banking associations in Europe. We are grateful for all the support we received from executives leading the interbank ecosystems, from banking association leaders and from Deloitte partners and experts in our European network.

We look forward to presenting and discussing our insights with you.

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Interbank ecosystem

Deloitte's study provides a clear overview of past and present interbank ecosystems, in which Belgium has clearly played a leading role. However, above all, this study sheds light on the future too

Karel Baert, Febelfin

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