Accelerate your Workday Investment by taking the next step in your HR Technology Journey

Technology, as an enabler, has changed the way HR is operating today & provided the opportunity to HR to close the gap between technology & the individual and business at the other side in terms of performance and productivity. As most of the organisations have now implemented a Cloud HR Systems, such as Workday, this is no longer seen as a competitive advantage. We are now seeing a shift towards even more digital tools, with a customer/ employee experience user interface, with a huge footprint on how & where work gets done.

We understand that optimisation opportunities extend beyond technology. To seize the opportunity ahead and set the stage for continuous improvement, we will help you assess optimisation levers for technology and beyond. 

We invite you to uncover these opportunities we see ahead of us, extending even beyond the technology, in order for your organisation to get the best out of your Workday Implementation, focusing on continuous improvement.

During our HR Technology Optimisation Lab, we help you assess six optimisation levers, acknowledging they are all highly interconnected. During the lab, we demonstrate real pratical use cases on how you can turn the identified challenges for each optimisation layer into concrete business outcomes, and how the next steps would look like for you to steer towards continuous improvement & the added value this will bring to your business.

Curious to hear more about our HRTO lab? Don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Deloitte's HRTO lab gave us a comprehensive review approach & methodology for keeping our Workday tenant clean, secure, and up to date. As a company that was new to Workday, the additional support and guidance from the Deloitte team during the HRTO ensured we were well equipped with the ongoing maintenance of our tenant, and highlighted areas that had received less attention during our first-year post-implementation.
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