COVID (Psycho) Logical Impact

An insight into exploring the psychological effects of crises and how leaders can minimize or anticipate the side effects on the people at work.

After the SARS outbreak in 2003 many workers and self-quarantined people exhibited symptoms related to stress and anxiety akin to PTSD. The extraneous effects of Covid-19 that affected, and continues to affect, the professional and social lives of people will be far greater. As a leader, you can make a difference by being a proactive key-player in reducing the impact upon the people in your business, and the business organisation, corporation or enterprise themselves.

Have you asked yourself; ‘How do I best manage my team during a crisis?’ or ‘What are the potential psychological impacts on individuals and teams in a crisis? If so, read on, this article is for you.

Like the majority of the world you and your business are likely in a time of crisis due to Covid-19.   It has been, and remains to be, traumatic and stressful. What is the impact; on your team, your business, and on you? You may have heard of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) - often connected to war and combat situations and has been well represented in several Hollywood films.  Yet now it is widely accepted that people can develop PTSD for many different types of trauma and reasons, not just from combat situations. 

We want you to pause, regard your team, the individuals within it, and importantly yourself, and ask; could any of this apply to us, and what do I do about it?  We want you, as a crisis leader, to raise your level of awareness for the potential psychological effects of the Covid-19 crisis which may be going undetected in your team yet can have devastating effects, personally and in terms of business. 

Our aim is to help you identify the signs of these threats, minimize, or anticipate the impact on the individuals, your team and consequently on your business, and to provide some support in the direction to take.  

Identifying the signs of threats to you and your team's mental health and well-being are vital to your continuing success – especially now.  See how 'Healthy management goes with symptoms awareness' for more information. 

Understanding the symptoms of PTSD is vital to tackling the issue, and typically fall into three categories and are expanded upon through 'Re-experience , Avoidance , and Hyper-arousal. 'In addition, within the article the potential effects and impact upon peoples mental health and welfare are highlighted in 'Covid-19 opens Pandora’s Box'

As a leader, you are the one to effect change in a positive direction. Here you can read and learn about:

  • Nurture empathy
  • Stay in touch
  • Create opportunity
  • Raise awareness of resources
  • Lead the communication
  • Drive to the knowns
  • Use crisis management tools

Whilst you can make the difference, you are not meant to be superhuman, and you may be vulnerable. Leading a crisis well requires letting yourself recognise the signs and recharge. This article is a first step in shedding some light upon a subject which is often unknown, obscured or avoided. Contact us now to learn more and gain support and control over how you manage in a crisis. 

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