Sourcing and Procurement

The past few years have brought fundamental changes in the role of the procurement function in many companies. However, organizations still face challenges in evolving beyond a transactional role because purchasers’ activities are often misaligned with company strategy. Often viewed as purely a “cost out” or “cost containment” function in the past, expected to deliver goods on time and at a low price, procurement has now matured significantly in many organizations and has become a strategic leader and advocate for greater operational effectiveness.

Deloitte’s Sourcing and Procurement practice is differentiated by our executable mindset, focus, and strategy capabilities — with emphasis on executable. We excel at strategies that are deliverable, delivered through a combination of strong category experience, broad-based knowledge and skills, and geographical reach around the world. We also team with other Deloitte services, such as tax, technology consulting, human capital consulting, and risk advisory, to address the many facets of sourcing and procurement-related engagements.

Bottom-line benefits

We help our clients deliver benefits such as:

  • Cost savings from reduced third-party expenditure
  • Self-funding of related business investments
  • Improved forecasting and visibility of category spend
  • Moving focus of purchasing and procurement organizations from tactical to strategic

Deloitte's Sourcing & Procurement offering includes following services:

  • Procurement Transformation
  • Digital Supply Optimization
  • Cost, Cash & Value Capture
  • Supply Innovation, Performance and Risk Management

Topics in the spotlight

Sourcing Optimisation: reach the next level in Digital Procurement

We are experiencing unprecedented times in terms of supply security and efficiency. Simultaneously, the pressure to deliver increased savings from more events is equally prevalent in conversations. While these needs seem to be contradictory, they are mostly allocation problems that can be solved by unfolding the potentials of Digital Procurement.

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2020 CPO Flash Survey reveals shifting procurement strategy amid pandemic

As we manage through and learn to cope with the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to dig deeper to understand the mindset, strategies, and challenges that are facing CPOs and procurement leaders. This report brings together findings from our 2020 Chief Procurement Officer Flash Survey, in the context of recent events and thought leadership, to provide insights on the future of procurement and shifting procurement strategy as leaders navigate these unprecedented times.

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Growth: the cost and digital imperative

For the past seven years, the Global Chief Procurement Officer Survey has provided a global benchmark of the sentiment or procurement leaders and an insight into the key themes and challenges facing procurement, including market dynamics, value and collaboration, talent and leadership, and digital procurement.

We received responses from 504 procurement leaders across 39 countries, with 40 responses from Belgian Procurement Leaders.

This year’s report focuses on leadership, digital and innovation and provides a clear action plan to help procurement leaders deliver increased value, collaborate more effectively, enhance capabilities and improve operational performance.

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Digital Supply Networks Strengthen Procurement Strategy

Procurement has grown significantly more strategic over the past twenty years. Now, digital supply chain management and analytics are bringing new strength to that strategic role. 

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Paul Delesalle

Paul Delesalle

Partner | Supply Chain & Network Operations

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