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Manufacturers know better than anyone that the only constant is change.

Manufacturers know better than anyone that the only constant is change. To achieve sustainable growth you need to be continuously looking to new technologies and processes to maintain a lean operation, efficient supply chain and good internal controls.

Although merger activity can dictate staff reductions, you still need to attract and retain the best and brightest people. Working with people who have answers and know the quickest path to solutions gives you a competitive advantage. Our manufacturing professionals offer a broad range of services, while focusing on your unique challenges and needs.

Aerospace and defence

Perhaps no other industry is as sensitive to economic and political forces as aerospace and defence. While commercial aerospace and defence companies face varying market conditions, now more than ever strong financial reporting and controls, cost reduction efforts, consistent program performance and continuous revenue generation are keys to success.

At Deloitte, we leverage our extensive industry knowledge to help our clients address these issues as they deal with continued uncertainty in a dynamic market. Deloitte provides a broad range of value-added services to many of the top aerospace and related companies around the globe.

From control evaluation to merger integration, and from cost reduction to ERP and other systems integration, we bring a depth of proven experience to our clients.


Our global automotive group has been engaged in some of the most compelling issues surrounding the automotive industry today. From global tax issues to total ERP solutions to risk management services, we have helped automotive, heavy truck, off-highway and other transportation companies make the most of these new opportunities whether they are original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers, dealers, aftermarket or finance companies.


Consolidation, globalisation, increased competition and severe economic and geopolitical pressures are having on impact on the industry. Now more than ever, sustaining financial health, generating cash flow, rationalizing operations and optimising cost infrastructure are keys to success.

From supply chain optimisation to valuation, and from enterprise resource planning to strategic cost reduction, we help chemical companies make the most of these challenging times and prepare for the future.

General manufacturing

To us, "general" manufacturers are not ordinary at all. They are makers of machinery and metal products. They produce rubber, plastics and wood products. These industries form the backbone of our economy.

Deloitte works with more than 60 percent of the Fortune 500 companies that are considered to be discreet manufacturers. The depth of our experience is rooted throughout our firm, as one in four of our clients is a manufacturer.

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