Public sector & Grants

A standardized risk management process helps the improvement of financial management and control, transparency and reporting of organizations within central and municipal administrations

Risk Management and Internal Audit in the Public Sector

Deloitte’s risk management approach and methodology have a suitable and practical application in the central and local organizations and can be adapted specifically for each function, process, administrative structure or project.

Deloitte services in the field of internal audit and risk management

What do we offer?

  • Risk identification and assessment
  • Development of internal controls
  • Review and assessment of existing control systems
  • Compliance assessment
  • Verification and certification
  • On-the-spot checks
  • Audit of information systems

Grants & Incentives

We have an adequate answer to your needs

Our team is a careful blend between public and private sector expertise giving us knowledge in the specifics of both sides in the process of EU funds absorption.

We offer the following general services:

G&I Service line in Private Sector

  • Initial analysis and Project Concept
  • Application process
  • Project management
  • Seminars and training courses on EU funding 

Our approach in Public Sector

  • Development and improvement of methodologies
  • Elaboration of strategic plans, development concept of strategic documents, assistance in realization and monitoring of the strategic plans
  • Analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of EU funded programmes
  • Preparation of final reports on realization and evaluation of operational programmes
  • Organization of seminars and conferences on specific themes related to EU funds

Consultancy services which aim to achieve optimal absorption of the EU Structural Funds and the Cohesion Fund, national public subsidies, grant resources, and other economic incentives while minimizing the time and effort involved.