Data Migration, Web Services


Deloitte Digital’s Cloud Enablement accelerator – Vaporizer

Siebel to Salesforce migrations, simplified

An accelerator that showcases our vast experience in supporting clients of multiple industries on Salesforce.

Clients always wanted a fast and easy way to migrate their existing Siebel instances to Salesforce. They look forward to strategic advice on timelines, speed of deployments, enablement strategy, data migration and change management.

Multiple Apps built on Vaporizer support work threads for Objects, Scripts, Web Services & Data Migration. These apps can be used independently or as a cohesive unit to improve speed of migration and save over 15% in time and effort. Each thread offers the right level of flexibility that allows administrators to easily execute complex tasks on multiple sandboxes again and again.

Vaporizer provides the right tools for migration projects to focus on delivering business value through controlled-risk and speed of execution. Now migration projects will be planned with end business value in mind by leveraging agility that Vaporizer offers.