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Leadership is a ‘perennial issue’

Leadership continues to be a perennial issue around the world. Across multiple years, the global Deloitte Human Capital Trends report has highlighted leadership to be right at the top of concerns and importance for thousands of organisations surveyed. We have termed leadership as the ‘perennial’ issue. Multiple forces continue to keep leadership right on the top including digital transformation, rise of the millennial workforce, the social enterprise, among others.

We are already transitioning into the fourth industrial revolution. This portends big shifts and changes in how leaders work, create value, innovate, serve customers and use technology

About Deloitte Leadership

Deloitte Leadership sitting right at the heart of the world’s largest consulting firm, brings together a powerful ecosystem, robust science, global experience to solve for the trickiest leadership problems for our clients.

Preparing your enterprise, leaders and leadership teams for multiple futures

Our Deloitte Leadership solutions and services include:
1. Enterprise leadership strategy
2. Enterprise transformation
3. Leadership succession
4. Senior executives and executive team interventions
5. Leadership development and immersions
6. Targeted skills and mindsets development


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Deloitte Leadership
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