Brazil’s Agenda 2022

Brazil’s Agenda 2022

The expectations and priorities of business leaders for the Brazilian business environment

Even the economic, social and political uncertainties, companies plan to invest in technology and productivity and expect to increase revenues in 2022. That was revealed by Deloitte survey that collected responses from nearly 500 organizations, which revenues together equals 35% of national GDP.

The survey


Participants companies

R$ 2,9 trillion

Sum of revenues estimated in 2021


Equivalence to Brazil's GDP*


Respondents in boards and executive functions









*GDP accumulated in 12 months up to Q3 2021

Responses to a volatile scenario

With the emergence and exponential growth of a new variant of the coronavirus, the impacts on the global economy and a presidential election approaching in Brazil, it would be possible to assume a scenario of greater austerity and retraction of investments by companies in 2022. However, according to the “Brazil’s Agenda 2022” survey, the Brazilian business company plans to increase investment and productivity, through contributions in technology and training, and expects revenue growth. The measures are responses to the digital transformation that has intensified in the recent period and are fundamental to the sustainability of business in this time of economic, social and political uncertainties.

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