Strategic asset management

In a scenario of global competition, capital-intensive companies seek to maximize the profitability of their assets and reduce the total cost of property to remain competitive.

Deloitte can help your company act in all phases of the asset lifecycle, integrating technical, maintenance, project and financial information.

Capture of synergies in merger and acquisition processes

The creation of synergies between two companies is one of the main reasons for an organization to choose a merger or acquisition process.

Understanding the potential cost reductions in logistics, supply, production and localization in advance of a transaction, can be very advantageous.

Deloitte’s team helps your company increase purchasing power with suppliers and have a more rational inventory and a base of high performance assets.

Creation of fixed assets

Technological tools can offer useful information for decision making by monitoring and collecting asset data.

For this information to be correct and coherent, there must be a single source, kept up to date, complete and reliable. This source is well established by means of a systemic connection between the maintenance bases, consisting of technical and physical information, plus financial and accounting records that control the "intangible" aspects.

Deloitte helps build this repository, made up of standardized descriptions, locations and technical data of assets, establishing and achieving maintenance of standards and procedures that can clarify which information should be collected and define what is considered an individual asset for the company.

Integrated management of assets in operation

In 2014, a series of ISO 55.00x standards were published in Brazil for the purpose of providing standards and helping organizations optimize costs and increase return on assets, constant objectives of corporate decision makers and leaders.

Deloitte solutions in this area include:
  • Inventory and verification of adherence in relation to maintenance bases and fixed assets;
  • Maintenance policies and controls;
  • Evaluation of OPEX/CAPEX in relation to return and productivity;
  • Analysis of service contracts and costs;
  • Analysis of planning and control of “maintenance shutdowns";
  • Evaluation of maturity and audits.

Material intelligence

The material registry is fundamentally important for the asset life cycle, responsible for the correct creation of assets, cost allocation and more efficient maintenance.  The areas of procurement and warehousing and the registration and logistics centers are some of the structures benefited.

In a project, descriptive standards are set up that guide the creation of new items and adjust records made in the past.

Deloitte can help your company in this entire process, from the planning phase, with design of new solutions and procedures, to finalization with adjustments to the legacy base.

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