Global Investment & Innovation Incentives - Gi³

Assistance with projects to obtain and restructure government incentives with municipal, state and federal administrative bodies

Identification and attainment of government incentives for new investments

New investments should consider all government incentive options in their decision matrix, and the complex legislation that makes this increasingly difficult.

Deloitte can help from planning through negotiation and achievement of applicable incentives, collaborating to make the project more attractive with lower risk exposure.

Incentive redesign for ongoing ventures

There are more than 100 incentive programs available in all regions of the country and their constant updating and inclusion of new incentive lines makes it necessary to review this theme with an expert eye.

In Brazil and around the world, Deloitte has teams completely dedicated to address government incentives.

Government incentives as a strategic tool

Relocation, reorganization and redesign of operating strategies are vital tools for maintaining profit margins and competitive strength. There are applicable incentives for each of these scenarios. Deloitte’s experience in planning complex government incentive models and inserting this idea into its clients’ strategic planning has helped many companies rethink their operations and increase results.

Key Contact

Alano França

Alano França

Global Investment & Innovation Incentives Partner

With more than 21 years of solid professional experience, today he is the responsible of Deloitte´s Global Investment & Innovation Incentives area in Brazil.... More