Innovation & Digital industrial transformation

Create more value to your asset through innovation, digital transformation and lean agile methodology

Whether conducting an IoT pilot in your own business or reinventing the entire industrial operation to adapt to Industry 4.0, it is essential to outline a clear strategy, aligned with the reality of the organization – that allows continuous monitoring of the digital transformation results for any path corrections.

Our solutions for innovation and digital transformation consist of supporting the entire life cycle of assets, from the conception of investment to decommissioning on topics related to the creation of new value through innovation in its various horizons, digital transformation and use of lean agile methodologies.


Capital Projects & Asset Transformation initiatives require a structured way to conceive, plan, implement and manage innovations, whether based on internal capabilities or in collaboration with the ecosystem. Our innovation services consist of:

  • Future vision: We have defined an adequate portfolio of investments in innovation and a road map to execute it. An adequate portfolio balances core, adjacent and transformational initiatives, ensuring not only continuous improvement of results, but also relevance and long-term growth. The creation of a vision based on the future horizon helps in the systemic alignment with trends, technologies and best practices;
  • Capacity building: We develop the necessary internal skills (processes, governance, technologies and people) to make innovation a central competence and continuously improved within your company. Innovation management is a fundamental part of materializing the potential results of innovation. These capabilities are necessary to make innovation sustainable and replicable to other locations, areas, sectors and processes of the organization;
  • Open innovation programs: We accelerate the resolution of internal problems through the innovation ecosystem with customized programs (challenges, acceleration cycles, hackathons, etc.), aiming to guarantee the finding of the best solution in the market and adequate management of implementation and results.
  • Startup scouting: We find startups that are more aligned with your context and with the trends most relevant to your innovation investment goals. Through our artificial intelligence and big data platform, Deloitte Search Solutions, we can analyze more than 2 million companies globally, including startups, investment funds and corporate open innovation programs.

Digital industrial transformation

Lean agile construction

Increasing the productivity of delivering capital and infrastructure projects is critical for capital-intensive sectors. Our team of experts supports from the formulation of engineering and macro planning to the lean management of performance and delivery of capital projects. With our knowledge of data management and digitization, we activate solutions on digital platforms that optimize resources, reduce costs and increase the performance of decision making, incorporating lean and agile principles from end to end.

We combine the application of lean construction methodologies and tools such as Kanban, Gemba Walks, A3, Last Plannner System, Hoshin and take time, among others, in order to ensure adherence to the deadlines, costs and scopes of capital projects, with the use of agile methodologies such as scrum, safe and production to boost the creation of value throughout the investment life cycle and the gain of scale in organizations.

Our team has experience in implementing Lean Agile Construction in more than 40 capital and infrastructure projects, helping to achieve results such as:

  • +90% production / engineering adherence to project planning
  • +20% to 40% increase in productivity
  • -15% time reduction

Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

Industry 4.0 is transforming the way organizations work, bringing real-time data and intelligence to operations. This paradigm shift helps transfer value from the physical to the software and from the process, or function, to the data. The shift to Industry 4.0 has given rise to numerous applications based on IoT in the industry. From inventory planning to predictive maintenance, IoT can dramatically improve operational and capital efficiency across entire ecosystems.

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To capitalize on this shift to Industry 4.0, with the creation and effective monetization of IoT solutions, companies must incorporate new technologies and digital resources into their legacy assets. As with the most fundamental changes, this is also easier to carry out in theory than in practice. Representing a digital industrial operation involves transformations in all aspects of business. To create value throughout the client's life cycle, it is necessary to reorient the business model from linear to always active.

This requires a major change of mindset as well as of processes. The challenge becomes even more complex when companies try to balance their legacy businesses with emerging offerings and newer business models. Whether reformulating internal operations or transforming their businesses to operate in the IoT market, the transformations promoted must be based on five main questions:

  • What is your strategic objective?
  • What will be the area and manner of action?
  • What capabilities are needed to achieve this goal? Do they already exist in the organization?
  • What capabilities should be configured? Who are the decision makers?
  • What business processes, technologies and management systems are needed to win?

Deloitte's Digital IIoT practice is comprised of a dynamic mix of technologists, strategists and designers who use technology, data and science to drive big business innovations. By combining creative vision and significant industry experience, we support our clients to re-imagine and reconnect businesses.

Our approach

Think big. Start small. Scale quickly. Everything starts by exploring the art of the possible. With the possibilities and alternatives in hand, we help to identify a small project that offers demonstrated ROI and tangible benefits. Using cloud-based platforms and sensor kits, we create models and prototypes quickly to demonstrate what is possible. If the solution works in practice, we iterate, adjust, improve and work with others to scale the project.

Our goal is to use IoT as a means to help clients transform their business, achieve tangible value and deliver meaningful results. We have a network of IoT consultants worldwide, who focus on the organizational implications of IoT in areas such as security and privacy, technology, strategy, architecture, analysis and implementation. We approach all IoT projects with a value-focused mindset.

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