Company reorganization

Assistance to companies in all stages of the business cycle, from operational reorganization to reverse a fall in performance and adjust to the market scenario, to financial restructuring in a possible pre-solvency phase, helping to recover the value of the business.

Financial restructuring

Deloitte assists in the development of a strong business plan to offer a realistic view of the company’s situation and provide relevant information to stakeholders.

Crisis management

Most management teams have never faced a crisis and, therefore, have little idea of how to react when a chain of events and negative consequences occur.

In the same way, lack of knowledge and experience can limit actions to avoid a crisis that can spiral out of control.

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Formal restructuring and insolvency

A situation of insolvency is often considered “the end of the line” for a company. While this stage can result in liquidation, entry of a company into a formal restructuring process can offer relief and facilitate recovery of a viable business.

Deloitte works as judicial administrator, under the Business Recovery and Bankruptcy Law, supporting the debtor company or the Judiciary during the entire recovery process.