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Driven by constant changes in the profile of consumers associated with major technological developments in the telecommunications market, Deloitte has developed a work methodology that is comprehensive, from the innovation strategy and investment in new technologies to the implementation phase and network operations.

We realize that with increased competition from new service providers, leveraged by external investments, operators need to be more efficient in their processes in order to leverage the profitability of their network assets.

Deloitte's professionals go beyond the challenges inherent in the telecommunications market, having technical knowledge in wired and mobile networks, working in several projects in Brazil and in the world.

Within the Capital Projects practice, we divided our work methodology into five pillars:

Strategy and planning: We support telecommunications companies to evaluate the possibility of investing in new technologies that are still largely unexplored, but which can bring technical benefits and new services adding value to the organizations' offer portfolio. Our deliverables are: study of network evolution scenarios in the technological and financial aspects, meeting business requirements and technological migration/swap; and design of engineering processes and network operations, working in the areas of planning, fulfillment, configuration, fault and performance.

Financing and procurement: We assist our clients in purchasing processes, supporting the technical / financial choice that best meets their needs. We also evaluate the current hiring models, seeking efficiency and financial return: execution of the procurement function (requirements, RFP, bid evaluation, acquisition recommendation); audit and technical review of networks and service platforms focused on the financial return for the incidents study, forensic analysis and obtaining resolution recommendations.

Project execution and construction: We work here with project management in its essence, from addressing more technical situations to creating PMOs for highly complex projects. Our activities involve: managing the implementation of networks and platforms working in the technical, financial, procedural and organizational areas; execution of programs to launch telecommunications networks and / or specific services; management of mobile and wired network optimization projects.

Operations and maintenance: In addition to ensuring the execution of the telecommunications operational processes, we work hard on the efficiency of the activities carried out, bringing technological innovation through partnerships or the development of data platforms, with KPIs to show which steps could be more agile. We have a client-oriented approach, in line with the operators' new business models. Our main activities are: operation / management of telco networks, service platforms and operations support systems; insourcing of specific engineering / operations functions (configuration, inventory and performance); process analysis and recommendations for improvements to increase operational efficiency involving big data, artificial intelligence and SW development.

Asset recycling and decommissioning: We focus on contracted services and equipment, which no longer add so much value to the network due to the high cost of maintenance or the possibilities of using other technologies/services with more attractive costs/benefits. We optimize network costs, working in the areas of infrastructure and leased lines contracts and OSS costs through their registration and application phase-out.

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