2018 global health care sector outlook


2020 global health care outlook

Laying a foundation for the future

This global health care outlook reviews the state of the sector, explores key issues shaping 2020, and poses questions and actions leaders should consider as they lay a foundation for the future.

Growing health care costs. Changing patient demographics. Evolving consumer expectations. Complex health and technology ecosystems.
The challenges before the global health care sector are plenty, but so are the opportunities.

As health care sector stakeholders prepare their road map for the future, it is important for them to have a panoramic view of what’s working and what’s not, what’s redundant and what’s hot in their circles. In the "2020 global health care sector outlook", we take a detailed look at the factors driving change in the health care sector and presents decision-makers with a holistic, action-oriented approach to address issues in four key areas.

They include:

  • Financial operations and performance improvement
  • Care model innovation
  • Digital transformation and interoperability
  • Future of work

Health care systems need to work toward a future in which the collective focus shifts away from a system of sick care—treating patients after they fall ill—to one of health, which supports physical and mental well-being, prevention, and early intervention.

2020 global health care outlook
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