D-ARM: Access Risk Management


D-ARM: Access Risk Management

Corporate access management for risk mitigation and compliance

Security of information technology systems are a fundamental part of corporate compliance. Auditors and regulators require the implementation of ever more rigid access control structures by organizations. On the other hand, these processes need to respond with the agility that businesses demand, without imposing more bureaucracy.

The Deloitte model

Deloitte understands the need to have a dynamic and effective way to managing access to corporate systems. One of the innovation initiatives within the Risk Advisory area, the D-ARM tool makes corporate access management safer, following the best corporate governance practices in the market.

D-ARM consists of offering customers a fully web-based platform, which can be used and acquired as a service, enabling the identification of role segregation conflicts in new requests and / or access profile adjustments in corporate systems.

D-ARM is able to:

  • Control and certify access profiles;
  • Segregate possible functions of each user;
  • Present possible risks related to each level of access permission;
  • Customize the process of granting access and risk analysis.


Key Benefits of D-ARM:

  • Safer operations;
  • Greater autonomy for managers;
  • Control of several systems at the same time;
  • Monthly signature;
  • Facilitation of audit processes;
  • Adherence to requirements of auditors and regulators.

Key contact

Rogerio Dabul

Rogerio Dabul

Deloitte Cyber partner

With more than 25 years of experience in cyber risk management, Dabul has promoted transformation of complex processes through identity and access management technologies. He is a partner of Risk Advi... More