Global marketing trends 2021

Finding focus

In these uncertain times, people are looking to brands for help—and rewarding those that can meet their most pressing needs in the moment. As our world slowed down, the pace of business sped up.

Customers have made it clear they have high expectations for brands. These include solutions they can trust, a brand purpose that aligns to their values, and experiences that enable them to act as co-creators rather than recipients of someone else’s vision. In the current environment, those expectations were heightened. Companies that succeed, particularly when confronted with global disruption of business, work modes, and service delivery, act with intention and clarity in fundamental ways.

For the 2021 Global Marketing Trends, we surveyed 2,447 global consumers and 405 U.S. executives from global companies to understand how each are navigating current conditions. Unprecedented change has shifted seven distinct global marketing trends for 2021 including:

The report shares clarifying insights and real-world examples to help global brands navigate these trends and thrive.

Global Marketing Trends 2021
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