Technology and integrated solutions

Deloitte's solutions are designed with integrated vision and synergy , which allowed the creation of the Tax Technology & Compliance approach to our clients.

This approach includes technologies and specialized knowledge, and helps in the management of obligations in the tax environment ensuring privacy in the organizations' operations.

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  • Increased efficiency to identify improvements and gaps in the process in place to calculate and compute taxes;
  • Identification of the tax risks that will be addressed by means of information management;
  • Anticipation of possible inconsistencies between the files generated and reported to tax authorities;
  • Sharing best practices for the preparation of new tax obligations;
  • Optimization of resources required to implement tax systems;
  • Potential reduction of the IT investments required for the implementation and management of tax aspects.


Integrated approach to address challenges of tax management

Integrated solutions


The full outsourcing format for organizations´ fiscal function. We have a team focused on making the process of all companies’ fiscal and tax demands.


Option to outsource a specific function or a particular process in a partnership with the staff of your organization. This model allows great flexibility in business process, so each need could be analyzed under measure, as a hybrid operation model.

Tax Business Support on Demand

Deloitte has a team of professionals who are skilled and ready to meet the clients’ specific tax demands, respecting each company’s time and complexity needs.

SaaS (Software as a Service)

Use of licenses (on a lease basis) for Deloitte’s partners’ software programs designed to manage fiscal and tax processes. This solution allows that companies use quality tools without the need to make implementation investments.

Tax software 

Diagnosis and implementation of partner companies’ systems, bringing significant benefits to businesses in the implementation process, as well as time and financial investments.

Tax advisory

Solutions that support leaders in their efforts to manage tax obligations and operations, in addition to providing a variety of risks associated with the noncompliance with these obligations. They include integration of tax information; analysis of tax implications in changes in business strategies and special operations and consulting on tax management.

Electronic tools developed by Deloitte

  • CAT 1799: Identification and production of the file for refunding ICMS-ST credits;
  • Toolkit: Project designed for the navigation, searches and creation of views within and between SPED files;
  • SPED Analyzer: Digital compliance with SPEDs, EFD, ECD requirements;
  • Consiste: Digital compliance with DIPJ and ECF files;
  • Conector: Connecting different sources of data (SAP, Oracle) and information extraction to another source of data (File, SQL);
  • New TPS: A new version of the transfer pricing solution software. Effective monitoring and/or compliance of transfer pricing;
  • Tax Scan: Digital compliance for all the base of digital files;
  • Extrator Siscomex: Document extraction and PDF from de exports site and read the file, apart from inclusion in the database;

Partners tax systems

  • MASTERSAF: Generation of tax obligations;
  • ONESOURCE Tax Determination: Calculation and recording of tax obligations;
  • ONESOURCE Global Trade – powered by Softway: Managing activities and tax, accounting and commercial information involved in imports and exports.