Carlos Eduardo Eliziario de Lima

Partner of Tech for Legal, Privacy & ESG

Carlos Eduardo Eliziario de Lima

Dr. Chucri Zaidan Avenue, 1240

Golden Tower, 4th and from 7th to 12th floor

São Paulo, SP



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Carlos has more than 20 years of professional experience in consulting on projects involving IP rights (patents, know-how, trademarks, etc.), including projects to explore these assets, strategic management of IP portfolios, structuring of international remittance flows royalties, alliances and Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) cooperation projects, and in recent years has been dedicated to the area of ​​privacy and data protection.

He assisted dozens of clients in the implementation and operation of their data protection programs, also acting as an external DPO, managing data breaches, providing training and lectures and helping clients to build a culture of privacy.

He is certified by the IAPP (CIPP/E, CIPM, CDPO/BR) and was recognized as FIP (Fellow of Information Privacy), attesting to its technical credentials and leadership in the field of data protection.

Carlos Eduardo Eliziario de Lima