Why Deloitte Private was right for me 

By Rishi Damle

Staff Accountant | Deloitte Private

When I first started at Deloitte, I still wasn’t sure exactly where I wanted to grow and develop in the firm. I had spent some time in other service lines and had worked on a few projects but I felt like I still hadn’t found the right fit. About a week into one of my summer internships, I met an assistant manager who gave me great insight into a smaller, niche-like segment of the firm called Deloitte Private. As I started researching and connecting with peers engaged in Deloitte Private, I realized that Deloitte Private was the right place for me for numerous reasons:

Greater variability

Deloitte Private is exclusively focused on helping private enterprises of all sizes discover and chart the path to their business goals. Generally speaking, private enterprises are smaller in nature, which allows practitioners in Deloitte Private to take on many clients from a variety of industries. As a Staff Accountant, I’ve had the opportunity to work on engagements from several immensely different businesses. This has allowed me to really understand how different businesses and industries work, specifically what makes them successful, and what holds them back.

Better exposure

Since Deloitte Private’s clients are typically smaller than other publicly listed clients, the engagements in the service line also tend to be smaller. This is highly beneficial because I get a better glimpse into the business and more exposure to the entire engagement file. As a developing professional, I want to ensure that I have extensive experience in every aspect of the file, as opposed to just one or two sections. That way, when I am challenged with issues in the future, I will have past experience I can draw on and use to my advantage.

More interaction

Again, because Deloitte Private’s clients are smaller in size, working in this service line allows me to have more interaction with owners, CEO’s and other high level management of privately owned enterprises. Aside from getting an inside look at how the business operates, meeting influential owners and managers helps to initiate and foster professional relationships that will be beneficial both today and in the long run.

A close-knit community

In addition to the great career benefits, Deloitte Private also has an amazing culture that makes me excited to come to work every day! Deloitte Private functions like a community of practitioners from multiple industries and service lines with a common goal of helping businesses succeed. Working with a close knit group of like minded people makes getting to know everyone much easier and helped me smoothly transition on to the team.

Differentiation from the pack

As an aspiring CPA, I always wanted to ensure I had something unique to offer in comparison to other CPAs. Many people who are pursuing their CPA are doing so in large accounting firms and in large service lines with a lot of people. While this is of course also a great way to become a CPA, I wanted to experience working in a world renowned firm with global brand recognition, but I also wanted to have a differentiating factor, which is something I get with Deloitte Private.

If you are interested in Deloitte (which I’m assuming you are as you are reading this blog post), I would definitely suggest giving Deloitte Private some serious consideration. For those who are contemplating between different service lines, whether you are still in school or currently working, Deloitte Private might just be the right place for you.

Rishi recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Finance. He is currently a Staff Accountant in our Toronto practice.


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