Price. It’s complicated.

How cannabis pricing differs from other consumer goods

Since its legalization in Canada, cannabis production and retail has blossomed from a seedling industry into one of North America’s most rapidly developing markets. As the industry grows toward full maturity, we decided to look at how pricing in the market has evolved.

With the help of BDSA and Hifyre, we’ve examined consumer sales data alongside Deloitte’s recent survey of cannabis consumer preferences. The goal? To better understand pricing dynamics in both the Canadian and American adult-use cannabis markets.

We discovered some fundamental similarities between cannabis and consumer packaged goods (CPG) markets—and some key differences.

Download the full report for a closer look at how cannabis behaves like a typical CPG market and the dynamics at play when it doesn’t. Plus, we’ve outlined some recommendations for companies looking to stay competitive in the challenging environment of this young industry.

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