Class Action Services

Deloitte’s national presence, interdisciplinary approach, and technological expertise can assist litigators, corporate counsel, mediators, arbitrators, insurers and judges throughout every phase of a class action. We offer the knowledge and relevant experience that’s critical to securities, banking, insurance, brokerages, medical devices, pharmaceutical, product liability, overtime and competition law claims. See a complete list of our integrated class action services below.

Preservation of electronic evidence

The rapidly evolving world of electronic data, cloud computing, portable storage devices, instant messaging and social media, has had a profound impact on the risks inherent with collecting and hosting digital evidence. Our experienced practitioners have the technical expertise to navigate through the complexity of electronic evidence and find the key data for effectively litigating your class action.


The complex business issues that arise during class action and mass tort litigation warrant the skilled interviewing and document review techniques employed by certified forensic investigators. Our investigations team can help the judiciary and counsel review the evidence and resolve class action disputes.

Data analytics

With increasing amounts of data compiled on potential claimants, our ability to mine electronic data and profile the identifiable class becomes a critical component in determining the size and characteristics of the class population. For more information on our data analytics services, click here.

Loss modeling and scenario development

Loss estimation is the key to evaluating risk. We can quantify the damages associated with class action claims to enable counsel to develop litigation strategies, prepare for discovery motions, and evaluate potential resolution alternatives.

Voluntary compensation plans

Dealing directly with claimants and offering restitution can help preempt a lengthy dispute and spare an organization’s brand reputation. We can help develop a compensation plan that remediates potential class action exposure and reduces litigation risk.

Claims administration

The media profile and class member sensitivities that accompany class action settlements requires the dedicated focus of a proven court appointed administrator. Our experienced team routinely evaluate claimant eligibility and determine benefit entitlements within court mandated deadlines.

Expert witness testimony

Qualified, independent expert witnesses and non-testifying experts represent valuable allies when preparing for and delivering oral arguments. Throughout all phases of a class action, we can help you educate courts and judges on litigation issues requiring functional knowledge and deep industry experience. Consult our list of expert witnesses here.