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Emerging technologies, constantly changing regulations, and ever-evolving business needs are shifting the ground beneath your feet. We can help you keep steady, one where you can identify and manage risks and issues in advance, use technology to your advantage and free up your resources to focus on the future. Make the most of every opportunity, compliantly and responsibly.

How can we help:

Deloitte Regulatory and Legal helps organizations in any regulated industry move beyond simply meeting the minimum compliance standards and remediation services toward a more strategic and agile approach. Drawing on our specialized skills and extensive experience, we build resilient programs that help organizations anticipate and react with confidence to shifting business priorities and regulations. This positions them to feel prepared, secure, resilient, and ready for whatever the future brings.

Financial industry risk and regulatory compliance

Keeping up with the various changes to rules and regulations in markets across different territories and countries is one of the most challenging tasks facing financial services institutions today. Deloitte’s dedicated financial industry regulatory professionals help clients anticipate and adapt to these changes by developing strategies, structures, and processes that enable a forward-looking assessment of trends and their impacts on business models.

We support compliance with regulations, including conduct and consumer protection, and provide services that address the risks associated with the full life cycle of financial transactions, including capital and stress-testing, credit, market, operational, and liquidity risks.

Regulatory and compliance

Navigating the rules and regulations governing a business can be a monumental responsibility, and falling short can prove very costly for an organization. Our regulatory and compliance professionals are well-versed in the nuances of highly regulated industries such as life sciences, health care, consumer products, and energy. In recent years, through the globally recognized CCI Deloitte practice, they have also developed specialized skills and experience in the emerging cannabis industry, in Canada and around the world.

As part of our comprehensive service offering, our professionals support our clients with their biggest business challenges concerning growth, commercial strategy, and cost efficiencies as well as compliance.

Financial crime risk management

Our financial crime offering helps organizations develop, implement, and remediate all aspects of robust financial crime risk-management programs. We assist the world's leading financial institutions and other exposed industries in preventing and combatting fraud, corruption, litigation, disputes, money laundering, and other financial crimes that can batter an enterprise’s brand and reputation.


The unique requirements of the not-for-profit and charitable sector receive specialized support in optimizing their business and constituent management processes. The professionals in our technical and consulting services use the best in customer relationship management (CRM) and digital technology, and they provide ongoing managed services to help each organization achieve its long-term goals. This means the organization has more time to focus on what matters most: its mission.

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Paul Zonneveld

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