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Combatting crime, building trust

We are committed to building an ecosystem of trust.

Through the dawn of digital banking, money can be moved faster today than ever before. But cyberattacks are evolving just as quickly. Financial crime is continually evolving. Criminals are on the offensive and their channels of attack continue to expand. Today, financial crimes include cybercrime, fraud, bribery and corruption, money laundering, terrorist financing, insider risks, as well as newly emerging fusions across these areas. As the capabilities of the banking industry grow, you can expect financial criminals to exploit emerging technologies, digital currency, open markets and borders, and domestic and international instability.

As financial crimes evolve, so should your organization.

At Deloitte we are committed to:

  • Closing the gap between today's financial crime challenges and tomorrow's opportunities
  • Making an impact that matters—for our clients, our people, and society
  • Contributing to research and development of systems, processes, and technologies that are trusted by organizations and their key stakeholders (customers, regulators, industry, and government)
  • Developing the cross-functional expertise required to assist our clients as they navigate and mitigate these challenges

A best-in-class team to support you at every step of the financial crime life cycle

Our financial crime practice brings the best of our capabilities across Canada to address the full spectrum of financial crime needs. Our deep industry acumen across cybersecurity, fraud, anti-money laundering, forensics, analytics, and transformation capabilities allows us to our public and private sector clients. Coupled with our knowledge of industry-leading technology and innovation, our team can assist in the formation of robust, preventative financial crime strategies.

Deloitte’s framework allows businesses to employ a cross-functional approach that:

  • Breaks organizational silos and enables them to proactively identify risks and vulnerabilities
  • Implement appropriate safeguards
  • Detect anomalies and events in real time
  • Execute an effective response in the event of an incident

Our accelerators are designed to give organizations an agile approach that keeps pace with continually evolving financial crime activity.

How we can help:

Fraud management

Insider risk


Anti-money laundering
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