Revised predictions due to COVID-19

In response to COVID and the 2020 TMT Predictions, Duncan Stewart, Director of Technology Media and Telecommunications (TMT), recently facilitated a number of webinars on the impact COVID-19 is having on the TMT industry. As part of the Q&A certain questions kept coming up, and not purely about TMT and COVID-19, but about the intersection between TMT and other industries, such as transportation, real estate and retail, and what they will look like in a post-pandemic world. We hope the mini series below will be thought provoking, counter-consensus, and useful for navigating our new norm.

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Office space, working from home, and COVID-19

The pandemic’s lasting impact on the market for offices

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A cycling surge

Yes, I do know where my handlebars have been!

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Post-pandemic traffic jams

What they might mean for tech, media, and telecom

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