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Entities around the globe are increasingly faced with complex business disputes and challenges, including litigation. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year are put at risk or are lost by companies victimised by fraud, embroiled in complex litigation or business disputes, or facing accusations of financial mismanagement or malfeasance.

Instances of financial statement errors and restatements have grown over the past few years, and every organisation is vulnerable to fraud risk. Theft of assets, including intangible property, can lead to substantial loss or commercial disadvantage and corporate failure can be the result of such losses or unmitigated fraud risk.

Competitors, shareholders, regulators and even employees present today’s businesses with a multitude of potentially reputation-damaging legal actions ranging from anti-corruption litigation to large-scale investor action suits. They can occur in multiple jurisdictions and extend their scope to any part of the world.

To survive and thrive in this environment, companies and their legal counsel can seek assistance from sophisticated forensic investigators and dispute consulting professionals who can help reconstruct accounting and business records, acquire, preserve and analyse data, and provide the detailed analysis necessary to uncover essential facts and insights.

Forensic services

Who we are

Deloitte Forensic is comprised of a diverse group of practitioners — chartered and certified public accountants, chartered financial analysts, certified fraud examiners, business intelligence research professionals, former law enforcement officials and computer forensic and data analytics specialists.


Services we offer

Our Forensic services include:

  • Disputes, including litigation support and expert witness services.
  • Discovery, including Cyber and Computer Forensics, Document Review, E-Discovery and Readiness and Data hosting.
  • Analytics, including Advanced and Predicative Analytics and Forensic Data reviews.
  • Investigations, including Fraud and Corruption, Investigations, Asset Recovery, AML Sanctions Investigations, Bribery and other Corporate or regulatory investigations.
  • AML & Advisory, including Business Intelligence Services, AML Sanctions and Anti-Corruption Consulting, Forensic Trust services.

Our professionals:

  • Are skilled in problem solving on behalf of the client
  • Have the ability to communicate the facts succinctly and accurately
  • Are creative in isolating key case determinants and issues
  • Have highly developed analytical skills
  • Possess in-depth industry knowledge and experience
  • Have deeply practiced technical skills
  • Are responsive in meeting client needs and deadlines

How we can help

We seek to understand the unique aspects of each case, its underlying issues and facts, to help determine the best approach.

We then bring to bear our collective knowledge, experience and judgment to provide comprehensive assistance and support for our clients. We are able to articulate our findings in an organised and persuasive manner, whether in the form of a written report, testimony in court, or data analytics.

Backed by the worldwide resources of the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (“DTTL”) network of member firms, we are able to support our clients throughout the region and anywhere around the world.


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