Certified Financial Statement

Financial audit gives an assessment or expresses an opinion on the financial information provided to the financial markets and the various stakeholders of companies.

This mission of trust requires:

  • An understanding of the company’s major challenges, gained through a close relationship with management and based on in-depth sectorial expertise, from strategic, operational and financial perspectives
  • A broad understanding of the company’s organization, existing teams, operational and management processes and internal control system
  • Implementation of a risk-based approach, structured and focused on the company’s challenges and its businesses
  • Proven know-how in the coordination of multiple, diverse and international teams
  • An accurate assessment of situations and their accounting treatment, to reconcile compliance with applicable law and regulations and an economic analysis of the facts
  • Regular and transparent communication with management, the company’s governing bodies and all relevant parties
  • A common-sense professional approach to make clear decisions, sometimes urgently

Reliability as well as intellectual and technical rigor are the fundamental qualities of Deloitte partners and their professional teams.These qualities enable our teams to adhere to values of independence, professional ethics and excellence when serving our clients.


Today, these requirements of trust and rigor are at the heart of the development of the financial markets on the African continent.