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2018 Insurance M&A Outlook

How will US tax reform and regulatory policy influence insurance M&A activity? What impact will rising valuations have? Should companies buy, invest, or partner in InsurTech? The 2018 insurance M&A outlook from Deloitte US examines the trends and challenges insurance executives should consider as they plan their M&A strategy for 2018 and beyond.

The deal landscape continues to evolve

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A little less conversation, a lot more action

Data, and making sense of it through analytics, is at the heart of all disruptive innovations and is key to becoming an insurer of the future. It’s in the DNA of start-ups, who continue to grow and bring game-changing propositions to market, and yet is often overlooked by incumbents. Will your current tactics get you to the top of the league?

Tactics to help insurers get satisfaction from data analytics

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Insurer of the future

The future of insurance is not only exciting, but also transformative.

Technology is shaping the future of underwriting

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Tune into our InsurTech podcasts

With so many transformative forces at play – both from within the industry and outside, are you keeping up to speed with the InsurTech movement?

Deloitte is thrilled to be partnering with 11:FS to bring you a monthly InsurTech podcast. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, you can expect a host of international guest speakers discussing the latest trends, news and developments in InsurTech.