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With so many transformative forces at play – both from within the industry and outside, are you keeping up to speed with the InsurTech movement?

Deloitte is thrilled to be partnering with 11:FS to bring you a monthly InsurTech podcast. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, you can expect a host of international guest speakers discussing the latest trends, news and developments in InsurTech.

Listening couldn’t be easier. You can use our player below, or if you’re on the go, find the purple podcast icon on your iPhone and search for “InsurTech Insider”. And if you’re an Android user, head to the play store and download any podcast app and search ’InsurTech Insider.’

Episode 4 — Is the future of insurance here?

20 October 2017

This month, Nigel Walsh was on the road at InsurTech Connect, 3-4 October interviewing five industry experts to find out what’s on the minds of the experts. Let’s see what they had to say about the challenges that they face every day and what the future holds.

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Episode 3 — Data economy. A new generation means new currency

11 September 2017

Key discussion points in this episode:

  • How digital innovation and the data economy impacts insurance business models?
  • Generational insurance buying, recent generations want a good exchange rate for giving up their data.
  • How can we ensure innovation in the InsurTech sector and the use of data being beneficial to the common good?
  • Will the future of insurance involve both large companies and InsurTech start-ups collaborating?

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Episode 2 — An InsurTech start-up story

9 August 2017

Key discussion points in this episode:

  • What does it take to form an InsurTech start-up?
  • What principles need to be challenged in the industry?
  • Insurance is becoming ever more technology driven, how is Brolly driving that forward?
  • How can a big incumbent move forward and evolve into a new technologically driven insurance company?
  • What changes will really transform how insurance operates and how customers interact with it?

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Episode 1 — InsurTech 101

19 July 2017

Key discussion points in this episode:

For beginners:  What is InsurTech?
  • What forces are driving insurance transformation?
  • What elements of insurance is InsurTech improving or changing?
  • What’s standing in the way of InsurTech impact?
  • How does InsurTech affect underwriting?

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