Tech Trends 2023

Deloitte’s 14th annual Tech Trends report explores the impact of emerging technologies on groundbreaking innovations and foundational business areas. Stories of pioneering organisations show what’s happening now, describe what’s new, and project what could be coming next.

Eyes to the sky: Three enduring eternities

The history of IT has been a steady evolution of pioneering innovations in interaction, information, and computation, the three enduring eternities of modern computing.

Through the glass: Immersive internet for the enterprise

The metaverse and other immersive virtual experiences are quickly becoming valuable enterprise tools for new business models, training, and collaboration.

Opening up to AI: Learning to trust our AI colleagues

While the value of AI is now indisputable, the question of how to best use it often boils down to how much workers and end users trust AI tools.

Above the clouds: Taming multicloud chaos

To simplify multicloud management, many enterprises are turning to a layer of abstraction and automation that offers a single pane of control for multicloud environments.

Feet firmly on the ground: Three foundational forces

Existing systems and investments—represented by the business of technology, cyber and trust, and core modernisation—need to integrate with pioneering innovations so that businesses can operate seamlessly as they grow.

Flexibility, the best ability: Reimagining the tech workforce

Instead of competing for a limited supply of tech talent, organisations can focus on building skills, tapping creative sources of talent, and providing a compelling talent experience.

In us we trust: Decentralised architectures and ecosystems

In an environment of reduced confidence in civic and business institutions, decentralised, “trustless” systems based on blockchain could help rebuild trust.

Connect and extend: Mainframe modernisation hits its stride

Enterprises are increasingly bringing mainframes into the modern era by connecting and extending them to emerging technologies to drive digital transformation.

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