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Partnering Against Corruption

Deloitte currently serves as the advisor and knowledge partner to the World Economic Forum’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative project. Throughout the lifecycle of this three-year project, Deloitte and the Forum collaborate to generate content and research critical to this topic. This page provides details on the WEF initiative as well as key project deliverables, perspectives from Deloitte leaders, and links to related eminence.

About the report

This report is aimed at all companies active along the engineering, construction and real estate value chain, including suppliers, contractors, project owners and developers. During its third year and last year, the project focused on Building Foundations for Trust and Integrity, and aimed at utilizing a digital diagnostic toolkit piloted in India and replicated in Mexico. 

Building Foundations for Trust and Integrity, with its focus on Mexico has successfully adopted a solutions based approach to tackle both the demand and supply side of corruption by creating transparency in both transactions and processes at the state level. Mexico’s new National Anti-Corruption System demonstrates the capability of legal reform when civil society, private sector and public sector work collectively. However, Mexico’s government and institutions are at an important cross-road where public scrutiny demands sufficient resources to implement and enforce reforms required to validate stakeholder commitments.

This report introduces a conceptual framework, listing a number of key recommendations, grouped in enabling areas that have the potential to create deep behavioural change and successful policy and regulatory reforms. The recommendations have a broad reach and should be adopted by all stakeholder groups; however the results indicate that there are clear reasons why public-private cooperation is the most promising delivery modality to succeed in Mexico.

This year’s project outcomes are the direct result of a collaborative process with leaders from government, civil society and the private sector. In this regard, we would like to thank and acknowledge the fruitful collaboration with the government of Mexico and the Steering and Advisory Committees of this initiative who helped guiding this important work in collaboration with Deloitte.

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative – Infrastructure and Urban Development

Partnering Against Corruption - Mexico

Partnering Against Corruption Initiative Diagnostic tool

This online diagnostic tool works to advance the agenda for greater transparency within a country’s infrastructure and urban development industries. A front-end platform that seeks to inform stakeholders and interested parties about ongoing efforts, the tool provides a visual aggregation of data from various indices and rankings related to corruption and the ease of doing business. The tool was built to be replicated at various levels of government as well as across geographies. Currently the diagnostic tool addresses India and Mexico.

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