Investing in Switzerland: A guide for Chinese companies


Investing in Switzerland: A guide for Chinese companies

Accounting and Auditing

Since 2010 China has been Switzerland’s most important trading partner in Asia. Following negotiations that began in 2011, a bilateral free-trade agreement was signed in Beijing in July 2013. After receiving approval from the National Council and the Council of States, this agreement between the People’s Republic of China and Switzerland came into effect on 1 July 2014.

Given the importance of the relationship between China and Switzerland and the increasing flow of investments since the signing of the free trade agreement, we are pleased to present a guide specifically tailored to Chinese investors seeking investment opportunities in Switzerland. We have focused on the accounting and auditing frameworks in Switzerland and leveraged Deloitte’s knowledge of CAS (Chinese Accounting Standards) to provide a comparison between CAS, IFRS and Swiss Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (Swiss GAAP).

Download the publication to get more insights on:

  • The Swiss accounting framework 
  • The financial information requirement by size and type of company 
  • The regular accounting requirements 
  • The requirements for larger companies 
  • The financial reporting requirements - comparison between CAS, IFRS and Swiss GAAP 
  • The audit requirements 
  • The ordinary audit 
  • The limited statutory examination

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Investing in Switzerland: A guide for Chinese companies

Lay Boon, Tan - Director, Audit & Assurance

Boon has over 16 years’ experience auditing complex multinational clients in Switzerland, Australia and the UK. Due to his deep experience facilitating investments to and from Asia, Boon is also the leader of our Chinese Services Group for Audit & Assurance in Switzerland.

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