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Business Risk

Helping clients navigate through uncertainty

In this constantly changing world, organisations have to adapt and respond to new risks and to take advantage of new opportunities.

The current climate of ‘uncertainty’ and increased regulations, require organisations to focus on their core processes. Therefore, reliable and timely information is a necessity for key decision makers.

The most successful companies recognise that risk is part of doing business. And that it can be managed with positive results. Deloitte Risk Services helps organisations build value by taking a ‘risk intelligent’ approach to managing financial, technological and business risks. This approach helps clients to: focus on their areas of increased risk; bridge silos to effectively manage risk across organisational boundaries; and pursue not only risk mitigation, but also intelligent risk taking as a means to value creation.

Our service offering covers the areas of strategy, operations, reporting and compliance across an entire business including people, process, technology and data.

We believe that trust and safety are crucial for all organisations to function. We actively support our clients and our people to identify, understand and manage risks better. By teaming with other specialists in our worldwide network, we deliver integrated industry-based solutions. 

Information technology systems are an essential part of many of the projects we are involved in and we can support these projects from start to finish in all technical and functional aspects. In all projects that involve IT, we are of the opinion that IT must strengthen the business.