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Corporate Security

A value-added corporate security function must be fully integrated with, and aligned to, the business. If the asymmetric nature of the various threats such as terrorism and criminals is understood, and the corporate security function is holistically integrated into the greater business activities, the benefits increase beyond just risk reduction, even providing a competitive advantage for your organisation.

Our risk methodology, based on industry best practice, enables us to assist you by conducting strategic and operational risk assessments to identify threats, your attractiveness to malicious entities, and the likelihood, vulnerability and impact of an attack. From there, we can help you develop strategically-aligned projects to mitigate those risks in line with your organisation’s risk appetite.

Physical Security

Over-engineered physical security solutions can hinder your business. These are often disproportionate to the risk, retrofitted to existing environments and overly-costly. Logical and physical solutions must be integrated to ensure effective operation. 

Personnel Security

An awareness, training and assistance programme can help limit the damage caused by disgruntled employees. 

Event Security

Attacks on major events are increasing. Through risk and threat assessments, Deloitte can help design a robust security strategy and deliver extensive testing and simulation programmes. 

Geopolitical Threat Analysis

Businesses with a long-term presence in foreign markets can become desensitised to geopolitical risks, leading to an unintended acceptance of greater-than-normal risk exposure. Operating in new and difficult business environments requires extensive risk assessment and insight into local, regional and national dynamics.