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Risk assessment and mitigation

New risks are emerging all the time even as existing risks become more complex. In order to succeed in the marketplace it is essential for companies to identify the key risks to meeting their business objectives and to assess the amount of total risk facing the enterprise.

To support optimal risk taking and value creation, risk management should not only look at potential threats, but also address missed opportunities and sub-optimised results.

Risk identification and assessment

We can help you conduct an effective risk identification and assessment exercise that will make best use of management time and effort to identify the key risks hindering the achievement of your organisation’s objectives. Our market-proven methodology, supported by interactive tools, comprises risk identification interviews, an online survey and interactive risk assessment workshops. 

Risk response planning

Risk assessment initiatives should not be seen as the end of the ERM process. An effective risk assessment should result in the creation and implementation of risk responses and in the set-up of control and monitoring activities.