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Technology Focused

We have been there before: innovations arrive and sweep across industries, but security is not considered until losses have been incurred.

Protecting information in e-Banking, the cloud, mobile devices, bring your own device (BYOD), and social media are themes that require active assessment and in-depth knowledge of the issues relevant to each. Our experienced security experts help companies become more pre-emptive and build security into their technology solutions before flipping the “On” switch.

Cloud Security

Building secure cloud platforms is a hugely challenging task. Demonstrating to potential clients that a cloud platform meets the client’s security and regulatory requirements can be equally demanding. By combining our technology expertise with our traditional strength in audit and assurance, we accompany clients across the entire lifecycle of cloud development and adoption. 

Mobile Security

As part of their mobile strategy, organisations must address security risks, operational risks, and legal risks. Deloitte’s mobile security services help clients develop and implement information security policies for mobile devices and applications. We further advise organisations on ways to mitigate the risks inherent in employee-owned devices (known as “BYOD”, or bring your own device). 

SCADA/ICS Security

Industrial Control Systems (ICS and SCADA) are often used to control or operate critical infrastructures. These control systems are increasingly connected to other automation networks and they are no longer isolated. Because the systems are based on technologies which are not originally designed for public networks, it is important that they receive a particularly high degree of security. 

Social Media Security

Social media platforms provide for the operators and companies a new challenge. For the operator it is essential that the platform of cyber attacks is adequately protected and the local Privacy Policy withstand.  From the user’s point of view of companies provide social media platforms is a new communication channel, which must be monitored and controlled by sensitive data regarding reputation and unwanted publication.