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Play a key role in creating trust, insights and managing risk

Working as an auditor at Deloitte is so much more than just crunching numbers. It’s about making the world a safer place. You too can shape the future of Audit and help clients, markets and our society to overcome many of today’s pressing challenges and risks.

As part of the Audit team, you will get involved in every aspect of our clients' business from their funding, creating strategies for business operations to evaluating their sustainability targets. You’ll work in diverse teams of Deloitte professionals and have structured learning and growth paths (e.g. Swiss CPA / Wirtschaftsprüfer).

Deloitte serves a global portfolio in a variety of industries – from big pharma to public institutions and smaller private companies.

You bring the ambition; we provide the opportunities.

Meet Teo - A Director in our Audit & Assurance Technology Team

“A great place to grow and advance your career.”

Mylène Stoercklé, Senior, Corporate Audit

Putting your curiosity and communication skills to good use

In a complex, rapidly changing world, our auditor teams continuously face new challenges and work them out using a broad skill set, including analytical thinking, attention to detail and problem-solving. You will have access to our methodologies, technology and tools and benefit from various opportunities to deepen your expertise further.

Our auditors share several common characteristics:

  • A high degree of integrity, independence and sense of responsibility
  • Curiosity for our clients’ businesses and adaptability to our clients’ corporate cultures
  • Thirst for knowledge that enrich our projects with new perspectives
  • Technologically savvy
  • An eye for detail and an analytical mind-set
  • An ability to analyse complex problems and develop and communicate solutions
  • Strong communications skills in a multicultural and diverse environment
  • A team player with an appreciation for constructive feedback
  • The ambition to continually develop their skills
  • A Bachelor or Master’s degree from an accounting, fiduciary or business school and interest in accounting, finance and assurance

Be part of an exciting work environment

Around 460+ auditors currently work at Deloitte Switzerland in our offices in Zurich, Basel, Lausanne, and Geneva. They are part of interdisciplinary teams that focus on various industries such as pharma, financial services, retail, energy & resources, manufacturing and the public sector. The roles vary from being an Audit Associate to an Audit Manager – so, no matter whether you search for an audit job that requires some experience or you're still at the start of your career: we have opportunities for candidates with all different levels of experience. Our auditors work together with colleagues from the Deloitte global network and receive regular training on Swiss and International accounting requirements.

At Deloitte, we are proud of our open, inclusive and flexible working environment, helping all our people to develop their full potential. You will benefit from many advantages, such as flexible working arrangements, the ability to work remotely when not on client site, health initiatives and a generous working parents programme. Learn more about the exciting possibilities that await you as part of our audit team and find your new job in audit.

Learn more from our auditors:

I love that in my job in audit, I work in an ever-changing environment which is always challenging and pushing me to my limits. What I prefer most, though, is teamwork; there are always people around to share, discuss and compare ideas. Besides my audit work, I also have the opportunity to develop my soft skills with my involvement as team leader in our Lausanne University Graduate Marketing Team. I really appreciate running events and meeting some of our future new joiners.

Julien Bosi

Senior Industrial Auditor, Corporate Audit

What I like most about my job is working in an versatile environment. Although audit procedures may be rigid, the client’s business is not! Clients face various challenges and changes. This is why we adapt to them and develop flexible out-of-the box thinking when understanding their business and performing our risk assessment.

Moreover, I very much like to work in a team at Deloitte! There is so much to learn from each other, from the teams and the business lines. People will never say “I don’t know” or “leave it like it is”. There is an eagerness to learn within the company culture.

Deborah Brantschen

Assistant Manager, Audit & Assurance

What I really like about this job is the knowledge that I contribute to building and maintaining trust in the global market. Without me and other auditors, the global market would be an uncertain place. That makes me feel proud to be a part of this team. And although what I do involves some aspect of a routine, it’s never repetitive. I’m constantly learning, exploring new fields and updating my understanding of my work. I always have the impression that I’m growing while working at Deloitte. I even see that my superiors are constantly developing, too! You’re never stuck with the same knowledge here.

David Bajic

Senior Auditor, Corporate Audit