Data Modernisation Services: Deloitte, Dataiku, and Snowflake

Cloud data analysis and democratised AI risk management

Deloitte’s specialised knowledge helps you use Snowflake and Dataiku as part of an end-to-end analytics ecosystem that enables scale, efficiency, and ROI.

In a crowded marketplace of platforms and solutions, numerous organisations face the challenge of pinpointing the best route toward data modernisation and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Ultimately, a modern data ecosystem needs to seamlessly transition to the cloud and enable accessible AI innovation, while managing risk, security, and compliance. Working with Deloitte, you can address these factors by using the Snowflake and Dataiku solutions as part of an end-to-end analytics ecosystem. By bringing these complementary solutions together, and with the help of Deloitte, your business can maximise efficiency with a modern data ecosystem, boosting ROI and value.

Deloitte, Dataiku, and Snowflake

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Value drivers


Streamlined analytics

We deliver an intuitive analytics interface that can help accelerate your business’s access to insights, fostering experimentation with fresh ideas and capabilities.


Platform optimisation

We assist in leveraging Dataiku for Snowflake platform administration, enabling new users, automating data pipelines, and integrating workflows.


Risk management

We can help reduce risk in your data modernisation by taking an automation-led approach.


Seamless and secured data sharing

These solutions are designed to empower your data engineers to unlock insights, enable AI exploration, and streamline secure data sharing while tackling preparation challenges.

Elevating innovation

Deloitte with Dataiku and Snowflake in the marketplace



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Antonio Russo

Antonio Russo

Innovation Leader and Partner

Antonio leads Deloitte's Analytics & Cognitive Advisory in Switzerland and is responsible for Innovation within Deloitte Switzerland’s Executive team. His team helps clients leverage the power of arti... More

Mark Abbott

Mark Abbott


Mark co-leads Deloitte’s Programme Leadership capability. He has more than 10 years experience in shaping, managing and assuring complex programme design and delivery across the Private Sector in manu... More

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