Deloitte and Snowflake Alliance

Enabling the next horizon of cloud modernization

Together, Deloitte and Snowflake can help your organization combat cloud modernization challenges and achieve transformation faster with minimal disruption.

About our alliance

Many organizations today are redefining the way they operate in order to remain competitive and relevant amid today’s constantly evolving business environment. To do so, many organizations are looking to modernize their operations by moving to the cloud to enable enhanced flexibility, scalability, and agility. Yet, this transformation is often hindered by legacy IT architectures and outdated systems. Embarking on a cloud modernization journey can be costly, resource-intensive, and disruptive to businesses if not planned for carefully and strategically.

Deloitte and Snowflake work together to help organizations combat the common challenges of cloud modernization to achieve transformation faster with minimal business disruption. Our alliance combines the advanced capabilities of Snowflake’s AI-powered cloud data platform with Deloitte’s recognized leadership in strategy, analytics, and technology services to help businesses speed up their migration to the cloud while reducing costs and increasing agility.

Delivering cloud modernization at scale

Deloitte and Snowflake can help organizations speed up their cloud modernization with a business-driven transformation approach. Together, we provide an advantage through a unique combination of tools, capabilities, and resources that help businesses tackle their key transformation priorities. The breadth of Deloitte’s extensive network and experience in cloud and data analytics coupled with Snowflake’s leading AI-powered cloud data platform can help businesses achieve stronger insights, reduce IT costs, and secure their data exchange.

Together, we can help organizations:

  • Reduce costs—Leveraging a consumption-based pricing model and self-managing capabilities, we empower organizations to pay only for what they use and easily monetize their data.
  • Enhance AI capabilities—By enabling a holistic understanding of their existing data ecosystem, we help organizations leverage their data to drive greater business impact with AI-powered insights.
  • Increase scalability and flexibility—We can help organizations capitalize on advanced data-sharing capabilities to improve data integration, management, and security. 
  • Accelerate deployment—We can help businesses develop a comprehensive roadmap to move workloads to hybrid or multicloud environments utilizing a factor-oriented strategy for faster deployment.

What we offer

Deloitte has years of experience in executing data-driven modernization and digital transformation projects for businesses across multiple industries. This experience equips Deloitte with unique capabilities to help businesses capitalize on the potential benefits of leveraging Snowflake as an end-to-end solution for cloud migration.

We provide a unique advantage through our:

  • Global network—With trusted advisor status across the C-suite and a network of certified practitioners globally, Deloitte is uniquely positioned to help clients maximize the value of their Snowflake cloud data platform.
  • Recognized leadership—Deloitte was named the leader in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for Data & Analytics.
  • Proprietary migration tools—Leveraging pre-configured tools, Deloitte can deliver large-scale cloud transformation programs and technology adoptions faster, more securely, and at scale.
  • Transformation approach—Through our structured, multi-phased approach to data modernization, we help organizations expedite transformation leveraging migration accelerators, agile delivery methods, managed services, and automation capabilities.

About Snowflake

Enterprises across industries rely on Snowflake’s cloud data platform to help them achieve their most critical business priorities—reducing costs, transforming operations, and improving scalability. Snowflake’s cloud-built architecture is faster, easier to use, and more flexible than traditional data warehouse offerings and enables greater efficiency in data management. The platform supports a hybrid or multicloud strategy and is easily integrated across cloud providers.

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Principal, Lead Alliance Partner
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