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Food & Beverage

Consumer adoption of emerging technologies is dramatically changing shoppers’ behaviours. Globalisation of both retail and consumer product manufacturers will continue to make the competitive landscape more complex and international, while the growth in private label will increase competitive intensity, adding “new” competitors and increasing bargaining power of the consumer.

Concerns around health and food Safety continues to be a major issue. Product recalls have become a top of mind issue – fuelled by media coverage and consumerism, while trends toward healthier lifestyles influence people’s desire for improved food quality and functionality. The regulatory environment will keep evolving and needs to be a key consideration in facing competition and setting the growth agenda in this traditionally low-margin sector.

We help our clients to address these business challenges by leveraging process and emerging technologies to provide enhanced data insights and improve speed to knowledge. For example: improving on-shelf availability (known and unknown demand) and profitability of trade promotions, and achieving efficient compliance with changing regulatory requirements and reducing the cost of maintaining quality.