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Retailers, Wholesalers & Distributors

As digital technology becomes pervasive, retailers are embracing technology to differentiate themselves in hyper-competitive markets. The retail store is not going away. However, the retail environment will need to offer a better, more differentiated experience for consumers. Retailers are increasingly recognising the need to rethink the overall consumer experience: the main drivers to meet or exceed customer expectations are talent, physical space and store operations. Aligning these dimensions and enabling with the right technology solutions can help retailers deliver a differentiated experience for their customers. 

Shopping is an experience that begins before customers enter the physical store and continues long after they leave. We offer retailers, wholesalers and distributors ranging from medium-sized to large multinational companies, multidisciplinary solutions, including supply chain, data analytics, and multi-channel strategies. Importantly, our expert practitioners can help you to accelerate the implementation of direct-to-consumer capabilities.