Global Fashion & Luxury market

Private Equity and investors survey 2016

The “Global Fashion & Luxury Market: Private Equity and Investors Outlook 2016” survey conducted by Deloitte Financial Advisory analyses the main trends that, according to the interviewed investors, are expected to characterise the performance of this industry in 2016.

In general, prospects are very good for players in the Fashion & Luxury market; as a matter of fact, also merger & acquisition deals show signs of recovery in all areas of the luxury goods industry that have been considered.

The geographies where investors expect growth in 2016 are the Asia-Pacific region (excluding Japan), the Middle East and North America, whereas Europe should remain stable. Investors forecast a negative trend for Latin America and Japan.

In 2016, 76% of respondents plan to make at least one investment in the Fashion & Luxury industry, more specifically in the following sectors: Apparel & Accessories (75%), Cosmetics & Fragrances (48%), Furniture (39%).

Global Fashion & Luxury market: Private Equity and investors survey 2016
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