Global Marketing Trends 2023 - a Swiss perspective

What investment decisions are Swiss CMOs prioritising to help grow their brands, and how do they differ from their global counterparts?

Not all Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) of Swiss companies are keeping up with their colleagues in other large markets. The Global Marketing Trends 2023 has identified that they lag regarding new technologies and creativity as growth drivers. The proportion of Swiss companies with a presence in the metaverse is less than half as large as globally. Our specific Swiss report compares the results, provides insights from Swiss CMOs and outlines the top priorities of CMOs to navigate economic uncertainty.

Digitalisation and personalisation are priorities, but Switzerland lags comparatively

Rather than avoiding risk and cutting costs to navigate current economic instability and rising inflation, the majority of CMOs surveyed are investing in their digital capabilities and platforms with the goal of improving and enhancing their customer experience. Swiss marketing executives are following suit, but to a lesser extent. To close the digital gap and improve customer experience through enhanced personalisation, brands need support from the top and they must look at holistic skillsets and listen and learn from customers.

Taking risks to foster creative ideas and innovation: Switzerland lags its global peers

Using creativity as a force for growth: Modern-day marketing is data driven and ROI focused. But how can an organisation connect with customers, stand out and drive growth amidst a complex environment of rapid societal, technological and economic changes? High-growth brands are more likely to have the mindset and processes to allow creativity to flourish and not fear failure or discourage risk-taking. To close the creativity gap, brands need to be the creative insights driver for customer information, attract creative minds and also collaborate with those outside the organisation for that needed injection of creativity.

Driving growth through sustainability – CMOs in Switzerland are leading the efforts

Brands are currently focusing on boosting their own internal sustainability practices, as opposed to external activities. Improving the sustainability of internal marketing practices, promoting more sustainable product and service offerings and establishing long-term sustainability commitments are key initiatives. To help brands successfully implement sustainability efforts with a ‘be, say, do’ approach, they need to be authentic, invite the customer along on their sustainability journey and realise that sustainability is here to stay.

Switzerland is following rather than leading the global metaverse trend

Metaverse is a topic that piques the interest of CMOs the most. Many brands are expecting to use the metaverse to link the physical and virtual worlds over the next one to two years. The current ‘wait-and-see approach’ is not doing CMOs in Switzerland any favours. To benefit from early adopter advantages when connecting with consumers virtually, brands must get organisational buy-in and invest in things such as tech and talent, identify potential touchpoints and start small, and they must realise that the metaverse has its own set of rules requiring a different approach.

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