ACNE: The Creative Consultancy

We are ACNE ZURICH, a creative consultancy that combines art & industry to create transformational ideas for global brands.

As part of Deloitte, we bring together power and magic to make real business and societal impact, by:

Brand Identity

We help clients imagine and articulate their future - bringing organisations together around a purpose and vision. We are optimists: designing, building and creating brands for a new world.

Brand Narrative

We craft creative ideas that drive cultural impact. A full service approach, from cultural insights through to social listening we strive to put the audience at the heart of all our work. Generating creative ideas designed to come to life across multiple channels and platforms. Insightful ideas, creatively driven.

Brand Experience

We imagine, design and deliver gratifying and memorable ways for consumers to experience brands in today’s crowded market. From strategies to storytelling, from purpose to campaigns, we craft engaging content for each brand to become your consumers’ next favourite.

A Bagful of Awards

Our Heritage

ACNE has always been about creativity and business. Born out of restless entrepreneurialism, ACNE was founded in Stockholm in 1996 and ever since we have been connecting creativity and business, art and industry, power and magic to make ideas that can change the world. From a global fashion brand to a cutting-edge publisher, from a production house to a consultancy we have always followed our curiosity to find and play in the most creative spaces.

ACNE Zurich is proud to be a part of the ACNE Family, a creative collective across the world.

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Marcin Skucz

Marcin Skucz is an Executive Creative Director at ACNE and Deloitte Digital. He is responsible for Applied Design, Brand and Advertising offerings in Switzerland. As a customer-centricity evangelist, he constantly aims to innovate using creativity as a vehicle to effectively drive the transformation for the businesses of tomorrow.

Roger Lay

Roger Lay is Partner at Deloitte Digital, Managing Director of the Deloitte creative consultancy ACNE and leads Deloitte’s Marketing, Commerce & Design practice in Switzerland. He is an expert for digital strategies, transformation programmes and marketing. He has more than 15 years of experience helping companies to develop their digital vision and strategy, progressing innovation and implementing, as well as enabling smooth transitions for large marketing transformation and change programmes.