Be your own activist


Be your own activist - Developing an activist mindset in Switzerland

Retaining the company’s fate on your terms

Activist investors have been operating in the marketplace for some time, but today, the combination of a favourable regulatory environment and abundance of funds to invest means activists have become more powerful than ever and are here to stay.

Focus on value creation

Executives and boards who understand and apply activist techniques might be better placed to meet the demands of activists and simultaneously drive shareholder value. Ultimately, the goals of both the activist shareholders and the board has to align since they both want to ensure shareholder value creation.

Activist investor trends & development

We address 3 parts around activism:

  1. we examine global trends and investigate and assess activism in Switzerland. In particular, local activist dynamics in the current market combined with foreign investor interest.
  2. We set out the key points from discussions with former activists to provide insight into the ‘activist mindset’.
  3. We detail out how to ‘be your own activist’ by rigorously applying an ‘activist lens’, independently identifying issues that could lead to an activist campaign, thereby driving shareholder value on its own terms.

Deloitte services – how to be your own activist

Deloitte’s Value Creation Services helps in undertaking a systematic and comprehensive self‑assessment, spotting weaknesses or unexploited opportunities and rooting out inefficiencies that detract from shareholder value. We apply an Activist lens, a response to work alongside companies to assess themselves in this way, supporting their value creation opportunities, divestment, and “disruptive” M&A – targeting smaller but fast‑growing businesses – across nine different pillars.

How to be your own activist: A rigorous self‑assessment

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