2013 Financial Services M&A Predictions

Finding opportunities in a changing industry

The Financial Services sector has experienced unprecedented challenges over the last five years. In this report we consider the current M&A market environment and share our views on some of the key M&A drivers that we think will influence activity in this sector during 2013.

The views in this report are a reflection of developments within the financial services industry, which have been motivated by the ongoing macroeconomic challenges, wholesale regulatory change and the general state of flux that has been prevalent in recent years. It is believed that in 2013 these factors will continue to prompt significant change in the financial services industry, providing opportunities for both buyers and sellers.

A number of hot areas that will drive activity in 2013 are identified, including the growth of shadow banking, the impact of consolidation in various Insurance sectors, and the potential for businesses to gain an edge through using big data to derive exploitable insights. Recognising and acting on these early will be a key factor in securing the right deal. 

2013 Financial Services M&A Predictions
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