Dealing with divergence

A strategic response to growing complexity in global banking rules

This report explores the challenges that ‘Basel iv’ and an uneven regulatory landscape could create for banking in the near future. It outlines the growing fragmentation of the global regulatory framework for banks and identifies regulatory strategy capabilities banks can develop in order to enhance the resilience of their business models to this complexity.

Governments are now showing signs of a greater willingness to diverge from international financial regulatory standards, most notably the Basel framework. This will have very real implications for banks trying to operate internationally, risking a substantial increase in their costs and less predictability around the impact of regulation on their overall performance and profitability.

In order to respond effectively, banks will need to develop strong regulatory strategy capabilities to enable them to navigate the complexity that regulatory divergence will create. These capabilities can support commercial decision-making and ultimately contribute to the creation of more sustainable business models for banks.

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Dealing with divergence

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