Top 10 for 2014

Our outlook for financial markets regulation and supervision

Six years after the onset of the financial crisis and the global regulatory response is by no means complete. Boards and executives, shareholders and customers still do not know the final impact of changes to regulation and supervision on financial services firms’ strategies, business models and operations. That said, there are ten key areas where we expect significant progress in 2014.

The ten key topics, in no particular order, are:

  1. Structural reform of the banking sector
  2. Restructuring the (rest of) the financial system
  3. Capital and liquidity – back to the future?
  4. Wholesale conduct risk
  5. Banking Union
  6. Operational risk
  7. Putting customers first through better conduct and culture
  8. Individual accountability
  9. Competition – part of the solution?
  10. Managing regulatory change in an extraterritorial world

We have approached these topics from a UK perspective, bringing in relevant EU and global developments where appropriate.

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Top 10 for 2014
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