Asset Management Regulatory Update

Imagine a world where you received only relevant news, fully tailored to your needs. Imagine someone went through all information you normally receive from newsletters, updates, blogs and news feeds and determined what is important for you and your firm.

Impossible? Not with us! The Deloitte Investment management team would like to introduce a solution to you. We assess the regulatory world for you and you receive only relevant news.

Receive only relevant news with a written assessment of the importance

We all live in a complex, ever-changing world. From various sources we are bombarded with updates, blogs and live streams – but nobody really does the important work for us. Nobody takes the time to assess the news and filter out the relevant info.

The Deloitte Investment Management Team has the solution: a fully tailored Asset Management news update. How does it work? Our experts go through relevant news sources and classify the information they read. You on the other hand can submit a personal profile on our news-platform based on your function and interests. We then match your profile with the news and send you only relevant updates with an impact assessment.


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